In the wake of the economic disaster known as The Collapse, two countries rise from the ashes of the former United States: Unified Socialist America and The Republic of Texas.

The Republic of Texas Series

"After personal and professional tragedy, physician midwife Cora Thomas flees the Missouri District of America, seeking asylum and safety in the idyllic Texas town of Cotton Springs. She hopes the quaint community is a new beginning, a place to heal and plant roots. A home where she is not an underground Christian living in fear for her life ..."

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Psst ... A fourth Republic book is in the works!


"The SOLD placard in Jo Camden’s hand spells the end of a family legacy. Without her blacksmithing shop, Jo is left with nothing more than her horse, a creek-side cabin, a pocketful of coin – and a lifetime of agonizing memories. Her only option is to tamp down her pride, and hammer out a living as the arrogant new owner’s employee.
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Jen's debut novel, Mercy Springs, catapulted us into a future Republic of Texas.  Her Christian faith-based writing combines the feel of an historical fiction with modern and future technology, and adds a bit of mystery and romance in the mix to make it interesting. The main characters may change in the series' books, but the setting continues in The Republic.

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"Deputy Jimmy Wilson enters a downtown Austin coffee shop in search of stout caffeine, and finds himself captivated with the raven-haired barista. Six months later, Jimmy cannot get her out of his head. He is haunted by mahogany eyes and a sultry laugh. He blames himself for Elise’s disappearance, and though he is in the running for sheriff, none of his law enforcement resources can track down one elusive woman."
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A speculative thriller that takes you to a whole new dimension

A speculative thriller that takes you to a whole new dimension