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The Republic of Texas Series

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm sure you have lots of questions about my Republic.  Hopefully, these answers will help you out.

Isn't this an historical fiction?

Nope.  This Republic of Texas takes place at the end of this century.

Um, okay.  So how did this version of Texas come about?

In the middle of this century, around 2040, there was a catastrophic economic disintegration, known as The Collapse.  For a decade the United States floundered, and eventually imploded.  A few members of Congress remained, and redesigned the country as Unified Socialist America.  Two years after the Reformation of the U.S.A., Texas seceded from the union.  The Second War of Secession followed, lasting a year and a half.  In the end, the Republic of Texas was once again an independent nation.

Why are people riding horses and pulling wagons?  

After The Collapse, people had to revert to a much more primitive way of life.  The economy reverted to a precious metals (gold, silver, copper, etc.) and barter system.  Once the countries were established, and then a second civil war happened, the citizens were leery of going back to a pre-Collapse way of life.  While technology advanced, it was mostly reserved for the wealthy and those in government, both in Socialist America and Texas.  Primitive modes of transportation and barter systems remained in place as a security for the people, should turmoil once again wreak havoc on the nations.

Why is Cora's faith (Book 1) outlawed?

Unified Socialist America outlawed any one faith during the Reformation.  The government decided that faith in one God violated the rights of all the people, persecuting those believing in other faiths.  Hence, the people could worship all gods or none at all in designated centers of worship.